Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

For the 2013 holiday we again attended Carmelfest with Grammy. The great thing was that daddy got to come with us this year as well. We listened to live music on stage, ate cotton candy, caramel corn, hot dogs, and rode/played on rides. The only problem was that we all fell asleep in the car before they actually started again this year. Grammy watched the fireworks with mommy and daddy since we were all asleep!

It was hilarious when we watched Vivi go up the inflatable stairs for this one...she was going really slowly and the kids behind her must've said something....Grammy and mommy saw her turn around and let them have it. They could only imagine what she said to them. She cracks us up daily!

I got to jump on the giant bungee trampolines this year and LOVED it! I went SOOOOOO high!

Daddy letting off a firework at our house...I think it was a dud!

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